Fish Free Sushi at Vienna’s PIRATA


1070 Vienna, Austria: Neubaugasse 80

Have you ever dreamed of a place where candy grows on trees, where you bathe in chocolate and where there’s Sushi without fish? Whoooat? Shushi without fish? Yeeeaaahsssshh, Sushi without fish! For all the Sushi freaks out there who hatehatehate fish (?Weird?, nope, not weird!!): it’s your turn now to dig deep into the Sushi box at Vienna’s very first Fish Free Sushi place! PIRATA opened only four months ago as an absolutely and a 100 % fish free area. Love at first sight as we entered the gates of this lovely pirate vessel in Vienna’s 7th district, a paradise where … no, not where candy grows on trees or chocolate comes out of your faucet…but a place where you can unleash your inner SushiMonster and eat your greedy self through plenty of extraordinary Sushi-combinations – 100 % FISH-FREEEE:

9 REASONS WHY you’ll fall in love with PIRATA:

  1. You dig Sushi but the sheer thought of fish makes you want to cry. Welcome to Vienna’s first fish-free safe haven!
  2. You fall for Captain Hook? Then you’ll feel like home as you enter his lovely brig Jolly Roger! The décor at PIRATA is absolutely pirate-y. AHOI! We love.
  3. No more endless hours of trying to figure out which Sushi on the menu is actually fish free just to end up with plenty of fish on your plate. Congrats, with PIRATA you’ve finally found Sushi-Disneyland!
  4. Your taste buds will be spoiled with high-quality organic ingredients and experimental combinations of rice, fruits and vegetables.
  5. Enjoy your Maki and Nigiri not only with mango, avocado and/or cucumber, but add some sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, pears, chilli .. and much, much more.
  6. And the BEST: All dishes are a 100 % vegan. Nooom-Nooom-Nooom!
  7. Not that much into leaving your home, changing your P jays for a pair of real pants? No worries. PIRATA offers delivery service for the 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th district (for all the others, check their WebSite or on Facebook. PIRATA has special offers for individual districts on a daily basis).
  8. … or benefit from the fast and very friendly service for take-away! Noo panic, you can still wear your sweatpants or P jays… that place is absolutely laid-back. Carry home your fish free sushi in a lovely little doggy-bag-box.
  9. Besides all the very healthy food and drinks, take your time and have a look at their little fashion-corner. Some pretty cool T-Shirts in stock.

For all of you who might now think: Great, but what does all of this have to do with Sushi anymore? Consider it a vegan, experimental version for Sushi-Lovers .. no matter if you like fish or not! Like poutine without cheese or “Käsekrainer-Hot-Dog” without Käsekrainer? Noohooo, just something new our taste buds will love us for – 100 %!

AHOI and happy fish-free sushi-ing!

Love, Yours Kats

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